Starts with Ikigai

Ikigai believes that higher education can open many doors to improve one’s quality of life, career, and of course, to bring pride and joy to the family. This is why we believe that everyone has the right to quality higher education.

We are here to help students take the first step in their journey toward higher education. Started in 2017, our platform was first made to help students choose education that suits their personality. As we progressed, we realized that there are more than meets the eye when it comes to attaining higher education. There are many aspects and challenges that makes the process of going to college more complicated than it’s supposed to be.

Ikigai believes that higher education is a journey, that starts the day the student goes to high school. We recognize students as unique individuals with unique interests, characters, and academic achievements. Thus, each one of them has the right to be rewarded for the all the things they have accomplished in their 3-year journey.

The reward could be an acceptance letter from the best university, academic scholarship, or other opportunities. Students can do any good deed to earn it, for instance by getting the perfect grade, contributing to school’s organization, volunteering, or leading school’s sports team. Every action that will determine the student’s success in the future, without they realize.

Ikigai believes getting the best education is the most important step toward success. And we are ready to help the students take that first step.

About Company

Ikigai Asia operates under PT Ikigai Solusi Internasional, Indonesia-based education technology startup. Ikigai develops the technology for a unified digital identity, to enable students apply for universities, scholarships, and others with ease. Our mission is to make world-class higher education more accessible to everyone with technology.