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Every parent wants the best future for their children. However, not everyone knows the right path to ensure the right future for their child. Find out how you can help your precious one with Ikigai.

The Best Future Begins with
the Best Education

84% of college graduates are employed

(OECD, 2018)

College graduates earn more than high school graduates

(Georgetown University Center on Education & Workforce, 2011)

College graduates have a higher level of work satisfaction

(CollegeBoard, 2013)

College graduates are able to improve the family's socio-economic status

(Rassmussen College, 2014)
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How can Ikigai Asia help your child get the best education?

Giving credible information about universities and future career

Apply to the best universities in the world, by invitation or not

Get scholarship based on student's high school accomplishment, whether it’s academic or not

Accessing numerous valid psychological tests to help them choose the right future

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