For Those Who Dare to Dream

If you can be extraordinary, why settle to be "ordinary"?

Ikigai Asia dares you to study in the best university in the world. You just focus on being an outstanding student, and we will take care of the rest. Are you up for this challenge?

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1. Create Ikigai Account

Sign up for free for myIkigai account. Don’t forget to write every detail of your achievements!

If your school is already in our network, you don’t have to write your own academic details.

2. Expand your achievements through competitions from Ikigai partners

Collect as many achievements as possible through the competition held by Ikigai Asia and our institutional partners. Every month, there will be competitions on science, art, technology, business, and so on. The certificate you get can be used directly to register for college / scholarship.

3. Discover and Apply for Scholarship

You will also have access to our partner scholarship providers. Starting from academic scholarship, grants, to student exchange scholarship. You can simply apply with your account.

4. Discover and Apply to Universities

Once you register, you will have access to every university information in our platform. You can discover the most suitable university and simply apply with your account. Have a question? You can ask directly to university’s admin through Direct Message.

Still Unsure?

We are here to help you accessing the best higher education, at ease. Get access to all materials related to higher education by signing up for an account.