Universitas Negeri Jakarta


Universitas Negeri Jakarta (English: State University of Jakarta, abbreviation: UNJ) was previously founded as Jakarta Institute of Teaching and Education (IKIP) in 1964. It originated from faculty of Teaching and Education, one of the faculties of STOVIA during Dutch colonial period. Around in 1960s there was another institute which focused in teacher’s education, resulting in two exactly same college. Due to this condition, Soekarno ordered the faculty and the institute to merge to form IKIP. Later in 1999, IKIP was converted to a state university called UNJ.


UNJ is the leading university offering broad choices of teacher’s education, while no other universities in Jakarta does. When it comes to becoming a teacher, UNJ is the first choice to go. UNJ also offers engineering education, natural sciences education for those who desire to be educators in technical fields. With 75 study programs within 7 faculties, UNJ has attracted 26,000 students as of March 2017.


Located in the east of Jakarta, UNJ has successfully produced professional teachers ever since it was established. UNJ encourages the development of students' academic and soft-skill through its various programs, ranging from seminar, workshops, and campus charity. Students can also practice their teaching skills through the laboratory school provided by the campus.


There are two campuses of UNJ, with the main one located in Rawamangun, East Jakarta. The main one is adjacent to laboratory school which is used for students to develop their teaching skill and resources. In the campus complex, there are buildings for engineering students, various laboratories, language studios, and libraries. Every faculty has its own library. Other facilities include ATMs, Bank, Health clinic, and dormitories for students and lecturers.